Navigate the dynamic landscape of the sports entertainment industry with the guidance of a trusted expert. aroundS knows the playing field inside and out, enabling us to anticipate trends and successfully support you in your endeavours. Take the next step to mastering your future through: 



Access fact-based market analyses and professional insights to make calculated strategic moves. We help you identify and pursue growth opportunities to secure your success in a sustainable way.

By leveraging decades of in-depth industry knowledge, especially around the global market in sports, aroundS helps rights holders strategically position their IP rights and evolve their competition formats, adjusting and integrating media and marketing patterns to master the digital transformation. Let us tackle existing and future complexities with proven solutions to fuel growth.

Together we will outline roadmaps for future operational and commercial best practices, incorporating the latest market trends.

Financial investors

Extrapolate key market knowledge to make intelligent investments around sports. We help you source M&A targets or to identify equity investments related to the sports industry in general, all with the aim to create and grow a sound and synergetic portfolio for the investor. 

As your partner, aroundS will advise you every step of the way, from assisting in the due diligence phase with potential M&A targets, guiding business planning and communication with key decision makers and identifying top industry talent for management and board functions.

To play a truly active role in transforming the sports industry, aroundS combines deep industry knowledge with sound minority investments in the digital space.


We connect innovative start-ups with key decision makers within the industry to accelerate growth and strengthen potential. Partnerships and investments are focused on promising digital solutions that utilize AI and automation.

Videocites AI-driven product suite provides the most sophisticated video tracking, copyright management and digital media reach analysis tools available on the market today.

> visit website unlocks video’s potential with power of AI. automatically identify the most captivating moments in videos, and adapt content to feature them across any medium, content platform or technological frameworks that exist. Their AI-driven technology solutions drastically amplify the effects of video; increasing user engagement, distribution and maximizing content-generated revenue. works with NFL, MLB, Fox, Zee5, Euronews, NBA and more.

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VERITIC provides institutional grade NFT custody – easy to integrate for NFT platforms, and easy to access for end-users. VERITIC believes that creating and owning NFTs needs to be user-friendly and secure for all parties involved: creators, collectors and users. VERITIC provides access to NFTs without the need for users to manage cumbersome wallets, take care of cryptographic private key storage and to deal with cryptocurrency. Veritic makes NFTs simple. Secure. Managed.

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Parkn’Sleep AG, a Swiss start-up in the tech/travel sector has launched its first parking app for campers in Europe. It allows travelers to drive to pitches without pre-booking, check in digitally on-site and spend a quiet and safe night. No admin for operators, hence “Parkn’Sleep” is especially popular with municipalities as a way to control visitor flows and collect tourism taxes directly. “Parkn’Sleep” aims to grow into the most renowned platform for spontaneous camping in Europe, providing campers with a diverse selection of host sites creating an income opportunity for hosts and added value for tourism destinations.

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Inspire coaches to coach and players to play. coachbetter is the most user-friendly session-planning, communication and team-management App in football. Coachbetter helps clubs, coaches and players at every level to better align, collaborate and develop by bridging the physical with the digital world. The Swiss SportTech-StartUp provides easy to use and affordable solutions to solve the biggest everyday challenges of football clubs, coaches and players around the world.

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The first of its kind in Munich, 3Mills Cycling & Coffee provides a welcoming and practical cycling hub along the Isar river. More than just a bike shop or a coffee shop, it is a place where cycling culture and community can thrive. Here road and gravel bike enthusiasts meet for a pre-ride espresso, gather for group rides, solve technical problems, stock up on the latest gear, admire art and share experiences.

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